“A Sense of Place”

Summertime in Marblemount

Welcome to “Feeding the Spirit”.  My name is Valerie Segrest and I am a Muckleshoot tribal member and a community nutritionist.   As a nutritionist I am not that interested in talking about calories, carbohydrates and fats.  I am more interested in getting connected to the source of our food and rekindling our sense of place.

As I began visioning my life in 2011, I thought of all the upcoming opportunities I will have to harvest and eat traditional foods and felt inspired to share these moments.

Then I thought of how people traditionally harvested, processed, prepared and shared meals together. Eating food in this way can be unifying and is an integral part of cultural identity.  My teachers tell me that the best way to honor the foods is to share them with people.

So, as I dig clams, pick berries, harvest plants, develop recipes and feed people, my hope is that you can enjoy these moments with me through this blog.  Although most of you will not be able to actually eat these meals with me, my goal is that you feel inspired to go out and try them yourself sometime.  In this way we can collectively begin to share a sense of place.  I look forward to sharing with you all.


12 thoughts on ““A Sense of Place”

  1. I wait in unbridled exhilartion to experience each seasons gifts with you and to glean as much wisdom as i can. ARRIBA !!

  2. One thing I have noticed is that if you add traditional foods into your diet, naturally fast food, frozen dinners, etc. are subtracted and it doesn’t matter if you count calories. It all works itself out.

  3. Week 2 of tea and smoothies. My pool teammates commented on my loose pants. Hmmm, they use to be my tight pants. And I haven’t counted a single calorie. I like this eating right thing!!! Oh, and not a blemish on my face!!! 🙂

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