Cleaning up the Duwamish River

A couple of weeks ago I did a boat tour of the Duwamish River.  This river is considered a superfund (not super-fun) site by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Superfund means the environment has been rated as “super-toxic”.  It turns out we have somewhere near 1600 superfund sites in North America!  The E.P.A. has given funds to support the clean-up of these sites.

A part of those funds are focused on outreach to communities who live near and utilize these sites.

I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in aquatic life of the Puget Sound, environmental justice issues, traditional foods of our region, salmon habitat, etc. take this tour.  It is the most informative and interesting boat tour I’ve ever been on!

Below is a flyer on how you can help restore the health of the Duwamish river.

Hope to see you there!



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